Weight Loss Pills, Are they for You?

From bitter orange to green tea leaves, and from the famous heartleaf to hoodia, over the counter weight loss supplements and herbal formula constantly feature on TV, online advertisements, on the radio, they are everywhere in the gym, pharmacy, and even at the local grocery store. The ads claim that the pills contain natural ingredients and herbs that promise to instantly burn fat, increase energy, flush fat, control appetite and many more.

More and more people are buying hope and cure from the bottle and tablets. Weight loss pills are a multi-billion booming business across the world. The big question is, do the pills work, and are they for you? Here is a brief but critical look at the pills fundamentals. This discussion is expected to shed light on the weight loss pills and their impact on your health and fitness.

What are Weight Loss Pills?

Some foods can be classified as weight loss supplements due to their ingredient content. For the purpose of this discussion, weight loss supplements are any tablet, pill, or capsule that may include chemical or herbal ingredients designed specifically to enhance your metabolic rate, or reduce eating appetite. The scientific term for weight loss pills is thermogenic acids.

It has been established that effective weight loss pills work best when combined with better diet and exercising programs. Diet pills can be categorized into three main varieties; powerful laxatives, stimulants and appetite suppressants. 

The laxatives are meant to melt or flush fat, and as a result clean the body. They contain natural laxatives for instance cascara, Goldenseal, fennel powder, rhubarb powder, psyllium, senna and others. They should be taken alongside lots of water and should not take other kinds of medication within about three or two hours after or before taking the pills.

Appetite suppressants are expected to kill hunger and make one feel like he or she is full. Some scientists feel that these suppressants work by creating effects like gas, diarrhea and bloating. Stimulants on the other hand is said to burn calories, motivate metabolism and burn fat. These claims can only be proven scientifically. With thousands of these drugs in the store, one needs to be very careful with what goes as the best bet.

Do the Weight Loss Pills Really Work?

A lot of studies have been conducted on the weight loss pills. Some of these experiments are extensive going as far as measuring the weight loss during exercise or when sitting down, others look for side effects after taking the supplements. There are several weight loss pills on the store shelves, some medically proven; others are claims while others are still under investigation. Some of the pills are dangerous and have even been burnt by FDA but still find their way to the stores either online or local sales points.

The bad weight loss supplements may subject the patient to blood pressure and high heart rate leading to headaches, dizziness, heart attacks, seizures, un-wellness and even death. This does not however scare people away from taking the weight loss supplements. The key lies in knowing what you are taking for instance conjugated linoleic acid and chromium from green tea extract are medically considered safe supplements. Pills containing high volumes of caffeine, ephedra ingredients, orlistat, or even country mallow may lead to side effects like damage to the liver, risk to cardiovascular, or cause jitters.

How to Take Weight Loss Pills

The pills give the maximum benefit to a bodybuilder looking forward to rid of about 1 percent body fat. It also works fine for those already in good diet and exercise routine. It has however been established that the pills dashes almost everything you built with some diet and exercise program.

The Take on Weight Loss Pills

Even a toddler would confirm that the best way to lose weight easily, cheaply and sustainable is the natural way. Imagine losing weight while standing, tapping your feet on the ground, laughing or talking and moving your jaws suggestively. Why spend hard earned money on buying supplements that may bring suffering in your life? The pills may work fast, but the side effects may come in early. It is worth investing in a diet program or changing your ways of dirty eating and shed off that extra weight. It is also advisable to invest in some health and fitness expert. Enroll for exercise programs or engage in less expensive exercise methods like hitting the runway.

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