Seven Simple Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Everyone who ever tried to can tell you that. There is so many diets, programs, and plans they actually make books about. And if you want to loose weight, sometimes too much information is worse than no information. Most people are confused by all that information. And sometimes big results can be done with small changes. Here are some tips for you to try. They are simple, easy, cheap and effective. Give them a chance.

For first tip, all you need is notebook and pencil. All you have to do is write down everything you eat. Simple, right? And it works! First of all, there is lot of food we eat unconsciously. Second, when you write everything down, you won`t be able to fool yourself with "I ate only two slices of pie" excuse.

Second tip is about plates you eat from. Believe it or not, if you eat from smaller blue plates, you will eat less than if you use big red plates. When it comes to size, if you put same amount of food on small or big plate, eye will fool you to believe that on a big plate is less food. And blue color? It is proved that blue color suppresses appetite.

Third tip is simple. Cook more, don`t eat out or order. Even if you are not some great cooker, practice makes miracles. Today is easy to find recipes in magazines, books or on internet. Choose simple, fast recipes and spice things up. Seriously, spice is not just to add taste to your food. Spicy food makes you full faster, and spices burn calories more than other ingredients.

Fourth tip is great for loners. We all now how great is to go with friends or family in a restaurant, on make diner for all of them at home. But, if you want to loose weight, don`t do that too often. When you eat in big group, you will eat more.

Fifth tip, use your smell. It sounds silly, but we feel the taste of food through nose as well as through mouth. So, when you feel hungry, sniff some fruit or peppermint, and you won`t be that hungry.

Sixth, small tricks make big difference. You don`t have to turn your life upside down. Instead, do small things. Drink water instead of carbonated drinks of fruit juices (next time you buy one check how many sugar and calories it has), dress your salad with yoghurt instead of oil, put more vegetables in your meat, in restorans order smallest portions, use less fat milk, instead of snacks eat dried fruit and nuts. Use your imagination and find your own tricks.

Seventh tip is about physical activity. Maybe you hate exercise, or you don`t have time for, but it is not excuse. I strongly recommend exercise, because it is essential part of loosing weight, but remember, you don`t have to go to gym to use your body more. If you have to go to second floor, don`t use elevator; park your car two hundred yards further; get a dog (and take him to walk every day); get a room bike and use it while watching your favorite TV show. Again, use your imagination. It won`t need your time or money, just some good will.

Finally, I hope this tips will help you to loose weight. It does not matter do you want it for health or you just want to step in that beautiful miniskirt you saw in store, use this tips, and it will be much simpler and easier.

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