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Our team would like to welcome you to our '' website. This privacy policy statement governs the way we collect, maintain, use and disclose all the information that's collected from the users of this website, or from the users of our products and services. is, in fact, determined to protect your private information, and this statement provides a guideline on how our privacy policy practices are generally done: 

Under-age usage

None of the services we provide is directed to a person that is below the age of 13. Even though our website may still be accessed by under-age children–without our knowledge of course, we're strictly not serving any one that's below the age 13. So, if you're 13 or below, please don't try to access this website or use any of our products. And once we become aware that the information we've collected belongs to an under-age, then we would not hesitate to prevent the child from accessing our website or from using any of our products and services. Parents or guardians, on the other hand, are advised to contact us once they realize that their children have opened an account with us so that we may delete such an account and, the same time, try to prevent that child from accessing any of our services.

The collection and use of information

The information we collect from our users can broadly be classified into two: personal identification information and non-personal identification information. 

Personal identification information 

We may collect your personal identification information from you in a number of ways; for instance, when you choose to register with us or when you decide to place an order with us. may also collect your personal information when you participate in our members forum, or when you subscribe to our regular mail periodicals. Such information may include your name, email address, phone number, billing address, credit card number, gender, location as well as your date of birth. After the collection, this information is generally stored in our protected database, and can only be accessed by some selected members of our team. 

We may use your personal information to respond to your inquiries or to communicate with you about anything concerning your account. Similarly, we may also use your personal information to voluntarily send you our regular periodicals or to monitor your interaction in our discussion forum. In addition to that, your private information may also help us in advertising our products and services, or to estimate the size of our audience and, at the same time, measure our progress as far as the production of quality services and products is concerned. In simple words, your personal information is solely used to enhance your personal experience with us or to make us serve you better. 

Non-personal identification information

We may also collect your non-personal identification information from you each time you interact with us via This information may include the type of your browser, technical information concerning your navigation on our website, your internet service providers and lastly, the type of operating system that your computer is using. Additionally, our website may also use 'cookies' to store your preferences on our website or to record your navigation in our site. For those that don't know, a cookie is just a small file that is usually stored in your hard-drive every time you open a web page before it can be send to a server on the other end. All browsers, however, have an option where you can either reject or accept a cookie, and you may simply alter this setting by going to the tool option of your menu. generally use cookies for record keeping and, sometimes, use them to track how different individuals navigate through our website ( This is actually important to us as it may help us to identify the sections that need modification, which may, in turn, enable us to improve the site to suit the needs of all our users. Furthermore, we may also use cookies to take regional statistical information concerning our site's usage as well as taking all the necessary precautions to prevent anyone that violates our terms and conditions from accessing the site. 

Protecting your information

We have adopted all the appropriate means of data collection, processing, storage as well as the most effective measures that can protect your private information from getting into unauthorized hand or being disclosed to someone else, other than us. In addition, our website is fully compliant with the PCI vulnerability standards that secures a safe environment for all users of this website. 

Sharing of information company does not trade, sell or rent our clients' personal information to a third party. We may however share your aggregated demographic information–without linking it with your personal information–with our trusted business partners, advertisers and affiliates. Similarly, we may also be forced to disclose your private information if we are prompted by the court or any legal process to do so, or if it's needed by a lawyer for a legal claim defense. We therefore reserve the full right of disclosing your private information if we find it necessary in our bid to protect our website, system, business or the rest of the site's users from on-line swindlers. 

Third party websites

You are more apt to find several links or any other content that is not ours in our website. Such links or content may either belong to any of our partners, sponsors, suppliers, advisors or any other third party website that's totally strange to us. We, however, don't control any of those sites nor control both their links and content. We are "", therefore, not to be held responsible for any form of misconduct that our users get once they decide to access such websites or rely on the information they provide. And since those sites have their own privacy policy, you're automatically subjected to their own terms of services once you click on those links to open their sites. 

Procedures for opting out

Once you decide to register with us, you may start to receive our periodic emails regarding some of our services, our product offers as well as some of our related updates. Even though such emails don't generally come up with a link for opting out, you may simply opt us by contacting our customers support. Our team ( may respond to you with an automated email that has all the steps for opting out, but the entire process may be subjected to a short delay before you're fully relieved from the reception of such emails. 

Interactive platforms or on-line forums

Our website may contain on-line forums, message board or any other interactive platform that allows members to share their experiences or suggestions concerning our products and services. The information you post on such platforms is generally considered as public information. As a result, third parties may decide to use this information for their own gain since we don't have the power to either control or prevent them. Our company will therefore not be help responsible for the breach of privacy that you incur once you decide to participate in any of our interactive platforms. 

Changes to this policy may decide to make all the necessary modifications to this privacy policy statement without a prior notice to our clients or being compelled by anyone to do so. To stay updated, you'll always be required to revisit this statement from time to time since your continued usage of the site will indicate that you've actually read and, the same time, agreed to abide by the changes made. 

Contacting us

For whatever reason you would like to reach out to us, you can do so by contacting us through our contact us page or at the address provided below:

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This document was last updated on July 29, 2014