Five Easy Workout Tips You Can Do at Home

Triceps dips is one of the most effective and enjoyable exercises that you can do at home to keep fit and lead a healthy life. Place your hands at close range to your legs. Sit at the edge of a chair and flatten your legs on the ground. Gently bend both of your knees at the same angle and keep them firm. Your legs should be firm and flat on the ground to give you a firm grip. Gently lift your body up while your back is straight and down while your elbows are at a ninety degrees angle, do this repeatedly to gain maximum results. Always remember to stop when your back, wrist or shoulders hurt to avoid injuring yourself.

Push ups is the next effective exercise that you can do at home to keep fit. Hold your hands firmly on the ground and push up and down repeatedly. To intensify the exercise and gain better results, make sure that your shoulders and your body is at a diamond formation. You can also boost the exercise by making half way push ups in quick succession to increase the intensity and boost the momentum to get the desired results.

Squats is the next piece of exercise that can be done at the comfort of your home. Take small squats by going down at a intervals of one and two feet down your legs. You can also make the exercise more intense by trying a squat on one foot and doing this interchangeably between your two legs. Some weight on your hands can also increase the intensity of this exercise and make you more fit. You can add weight to the exercise by carrying some weight on your hands such as some liters of water.

Crunches are the other effective home-based exercises that you can do to keep fit. This type of exercise is however dangerous to parts of your neck and lower back. Caution should be taken when doing this type of exercise to avoid injury. Hold your hands at the back of your head and use your abdomen muscles to lift yourself up to the level that your are comfortable.

Lastly calf raises technique is another form of exercise that can be done on any raised portion around your compound. Use your toes to stand on the raised surface such as the staircases around your home. Stand straight and lift your body at the support of your toes. This type helps to boost the strength of the calf muscles and also keeps your ankles fit.

In conclusion, always remember that for proper workouts, take due caution to avoid injury. Some workouts such as the crunches can cause harm in equal measure and you have to ensure that you do the exercises in the right way to avoid injuring yourself in course of the exercise. Always remember to eat the correct foods for a proper nutrition to supplement the exercises that your are doing. This will make you gain the momentum and help keep fit as desired.

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